Optical Data Center
Our superiority in colossal increase of output, reduction of sizes of outlines elements, decrease of consuming capacity, equipment harmlessness.
About our technology

The unique characteristic of our invention is that one light signal controls the other directly, without intermediation. This approach delivers switching and communication speeds equal to the highest speed known to Nature - the Speed of Light.

The technology and devices we develop can process optical signals without the need for electrical conversion or reversion. The overall data transmission performance achieved using our devices can deliver a three-fold improvement immediately, followed by a five-to-six orders of magnitude improvement in the course of the development effort.
Today's Approach and Unresolved Challenges
Because of the well recognized limitations of the semiconductor technology, engineers and scientists have been seeking a solution to replace electronic signaling with light, by utilizing photonics-type devices to process/switch light streams.

However, the approach adopted today has been to simply copy the semiconductor's devices principle, where one electrical current controls another via some intermediation.

The scientific community is leveraging the same approach with photonics devices; i.e. the light signal controls another light signal via some "non-linear" optical material.

This approach is not only disproportionately costly in terms of R&D expenditure (as it relies on special and rare materials), but most importantly, this kind of "intermediation" dramatically impedes the speed and performance of the ensuing optical switches ("transistors").
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Benefits of Optical Data Center
We are entering the era of new computing processes whose capabilities will change the world.
Innovation technology
We are the first to use innovative technologies for the benefit of humanity.
Environmental friendliness
We use a small amount of electricity, while not emitting too much heat, we take the environment.
Open to cooperation
We see the interaction with medicine, science, astronomy and other sciences.
Types of engagement
We consider a big spectrum of interaction and granting of services. We want to allocate now the main, which are the most urgent.
Overquick computational capacity
We will be able to grant You optimum computational capacities and speed of calculation which to You is required.
For the largest convenience, we develop extra equipment, installation of which in Your computer centre will give chance to use capacity of calculations declared by You.
Breakout in medicine, in exact sciences, astronautics, astronomy.
We will be glad to co-operate with technological universities, medical institutions, space companies, scientific unions which are ready to change the world to the best party.
Improvement of the ecology. Minimum energy costs, absence of heat release, ecological equipment.
Primarily, we care about environment. Our date centre does not worsen ecology. All devices do not allocate harmful substances, consume a low amount of the electric power, do not allocate warmly. We demonstrate most advanced stage of failure-safety, safety and reliability.
A broad range of products and the first-mover advantage are envisioned:
Date center based on optical equipment.
Use of overquick computational capacities.
Next-generation Routers, Switches and a wide variety of other devices for fiber-optic networking and data communications;
Delivery of Broadband Network Services (largely by Tier 1 carriers) to private and public organizations requiring rapid throughput of large volumes of mission critical data, which may include financial services institutions, stock exchanges, global trading and dealing operations, national security organizations, media and entertainment firms, cryptocurrencies and blockchain infrastructure, IoT infrastructure etc;
Delivery of a fundamentally new type of Net Infrastructure connecting ultra-high performance servers for global cloud environments. It is envisioned that these delivery centers will utilize high-performance servers leveraging the effectively unrestricted computational efficiency within highly paralleled clusters;
High-availability storage, mirroring, back-up and recovery devices, capable of leveraging purely optical signaling for rapid movement and exchange of information, facilitating business continuity and recoverability;
Upgrading of the existing computational engines designed for real-time analytics and business intelligence to enable rapid processing of large data flows (Big Data enablement).
Who we are
The smartest people work every day to provide the innovations in solutions and services to
Dmitriy P.
Founder of OpticalComp, SKYTEC
Aleksey Bombela
CTO of SKYTEC, Partner
Viktor Scheiermann
COO od SKYTEC, Partner
Dmitry Fesenko
Developer of SKYTEC
Marina Onoprinchuk
Efim B.
CTO of SKYTEC, Founder of OpticalDC
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